Our Story

The Roleo Therapeutic Arm Massager was created by Paul Kleiman, in 2006, who is still actively involved in the daily operation as President and CEO of Massage U inc. An attorney, writer and massage therapist, Paul developed this product to help with his own hand and wrist pain, with the goal of making it available to others. The inspiration for the Roleo was the wringer from old fashioned clothes washer, with the idea being to allow people to self-treat their arms and hands at home, at work, or anywhere the need may arise. It didn't take long to see that this type of care could be extended to those outside of the manual therapy industry since so many people wrestle with the effect of carpal tunnel syndrome, dequervains synovitis, golf and tennis elbow, and so many other repetitive strain types of injuries.


In 2013, Kiki Ryan, R.N., became a co-owner and officer of Massage-U (product development) and U-Selfcare (sales, distribution, eduction), assuming the role of COO and VP of Marketing. Ms. Ryan’s background includes several years as a healthcare consultant for a major Southern California healthcare provider and as a project manager for research institutions and companies such as the Rand Corporation. Before moving to California, Ms. Ryan enjoyed a career as a healthcare lobbyist and public health advocate in New York.

U-Selfcare's product categories reflect holism and wellness ideals. Massage U develops products to help ease and prevent chronic pain through self-treatment, which allow people to take control of their own wellness.

The U-Selfcare mantra is 'The healthier we are, The more we make ourselves well and help others, We make the whole world a better place.'

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