"How To" Use the Roleo, a Video Tutorial

"How To" Use the Roleo, a Video Tutorial

Sometimes people ask me how to use the Roleo. Most of the time, however, they don't ask, because it's kind of obvious.  You roll your hand, wrist and forearm between the rollers.  You adjust the pressure with the knob on top, clockwise for stronger, counter-clockwise for less pressure.  That's the basic instructions.

It's recommended that you roll in and out slowly.  You can hold the rollers on the points that are most sore, often referred to as "trigger points."  While holding on those points, you also can rotate or flex and extend your wrist.  This will tighten the muscle under the pressure, which immitates a massage move called "pin and stretch," where the therapist holds the point and then stretches the limb, i.e. arm or leg, to stretch the muscle that is being "pinned" and deliver a strong, therapeutic effect that relaxes the muscle.

Of course, you can remove the foam rubber "feet" and slip in the suction cups, which will allow you to mount the Roleo to any smooth surface so it can be used without being held by the other hand, or even to a vertical surface such as a window or mirror so that it can be used at a different angle that might be better for you.

That's about all there is to know.  

There is no substitute for experience, so the right way to use the Roleo is... to use it!  Just use it.  Put it on the desk or table and sit and roll your hand and arm in. Feel where it needs the extra massaging, which is usually the more sore part of the muscle, and massage that point with the Roleo until the pain decreases or goes away completely. 

For chronic hand and wrist pain, or to prevent it, just make sure to use your Roleo every day, a few times a day if needed.  A few minutes per use is all it takes to roll your pain away (or to keep it from getting painful in the first place.

For fun, here is a video of me using the Roleo the right way... for me.


Everyone has their own way of doing it.  Carpal tunnel, repetitive strain or repetitive stress sufferers, dentists, dental hygienists, guitarists, pianists, drummers, massage therapists, office workers, bodybuilders, pickleball players, tennis players, golfers, people who like knitting, artists, sculptors, the list is truly endless.  These are the jobs and hobbies that cause hand and wrist pain, and they are all a bit different, so there is nothing better than using the Roleo and just feeling where the massage is needed to teach the user the "right way" to use the product. 

Thanks for taking a look and trying our Roleo, and happy rolling!

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