Spencer Moran's Testimonial: It works for the pros, it can work for you too.

Spencer Moran's Testimonial: It works for the pros, it can work for you too.

Spring training, drills, repetition, throwing the ball over and over and over again.  All of this takes toll on even the most youthful, athletic and resilient arms.  Professional athletes want the best treatment and prevention, to protect their arms, bodies and careers.  They have physical and massage therapists, trainers and doctors on staff to help them reach their performance potential.

Even with all this support, daily self-care with Roleo is important, to relieve tight muscles and tendons. Great for warming up before a workout to avoid injury, and after, to relieve symptoms by breaking down tight muscle and scar tissue and increasing blood and lymph flow.

Spencer Moran is a pitching prospect in the Tampa Bay Rays* organization.  Spencer reached out to us after reading about the Roleo and asked if it would help his soreness from pitching.  After receiving his Roleo, here’s what he had to say:

“I received the Roleo, and I love it. It works perfectly. My forearm is always sore from pitching, but I have never been able to find a good way to roll it out. The Roleo is just the device I've been needing. It rolls the top and bottom of my forearm, and I can even turn my arm sideways to get a 360 degree roll. I use it every day. Sometimes twice a day. It is working like a charm. Thank you so much for solving my problem!”

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  • Paul Kleiman